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Dino RPG - Equipable items

Treasury note: It is the currency used in tamer market (you canot use normal gold coins there). Treasury note can be purchased using real money (Visa, MasterCard, Paypal) in Dinoland Bank, 1 cost the same as 1000 . Treasury note can be converted into 1000 by clicking it in the inventory. You can also buy Treasury notes from Shady man in the marketplace for
- 18x Pelinae leaves
- 11x Lujidanee grouper
- 6x Sharpened flint
- 4x Lightning energy
- 4x Fur Tuft

Magic Star: This is an item needed for Alien Quest. See Alien Quest page for details. No other use.

Amnesic Rice: Using Amnesic Rice on your dinoz will make it loose all stored and allow you to rename it (therefore you can do it with no negative effect right after you level up). You can obtain one piece after completing first mission from Strange Prowler, see his mission page for details.

Goblin Merguez: This is equipable item which is used randomly in battle and gives 1-4 (up to damage suffered in the battle) when consumed. Despite the warning in description, no side effects observed when large amounts of those are consumed. Up to 5 of those are given to you free when you talk to Merguez Seller in Ashopuk Ruins (Volcano Region). You can request as many of them as you want, but you can only store 5 at a time in your inventory.

Tik Bracelet: This is equipable item which does no effect in battle, but gives 10 to the dinoz that has it equipped at 24:00 servertime. You can obtain it by talking to Strange Prowler after finishing is second mission. You can only obtain one of those items per account.

Golden Napodino: This is special currency which can be used in Magic Shop and it is extremely rare. You can obtain one by finishing the Catacombs, one by finishing the Alien Quest and 1-2 when your clan wins a good ranking in clan war. The items in magic shop cost 3-8 Napodinoz.

Still missing:
- Magic shop in Dinotown - magic items for napodinoz
- Ahopuk Ruins shop - piranhas and unguents
- Magic Steppes shops - not added on english server yet
- Fruit shop in Forest Grumhel - didnt get there yet

07 Nov 2009, Skaare
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