List of Divisions of the Void Alliance

Dino RPG - ingredients

NGREDIENT MAPS - from clan Risum Teneratis

Magnetic steppes are not open in english sever yet!

You can either donate ingredients to the clan (they serve various purposes during clan wars) or sell them to the Itinerant Merchant. Itinerant Merchant can be found at different place every week and buys different stuff every day of the week.

Energies - monday: lightning based collect skills needed

Lightning Energy
Lightning conductor
Air Energy
Fire Energy
Wood Energy
Water Energy
Elemental Fission

Plants - tuesday: air based collect skills needed

Pelinae Leaves
White Mushrooms
Whimsical Orchid
Sadiquae Mordicus
Sharp Eye

Artifacts - wednesday: wood based collect skills needed

Sharpened Flint
Fragment of Ancient Text
Chipped Cup
Golden Necklace
Gem in Perfect Conditiom
Superior Royal Crown

Animals - thursday: fire based collect skills needed

Fur Tuft
Smashroom hunter
Sharp Claws
Giant Hunter
Chocolate Horn
Vicious Eye
Monstrous Tongue
Dragon Hunter

Fishes - friday: water based collect skills needed

Lujidanee Grouper
Apprentice Fisher
Avenger Fish
Skilled Fisher
Fridge Eel
Super Fish
Master Fisher

07 Nov 2009, Skaare
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