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A Strange Man is hanging around the Frish Port. Think twice before playing with him, who knows what you could lose ... or maybe it will be the beginning of a dangerous adventure

This is a special quest which leads to unlocking Kabuki dinoz. You can only do it once per account, and different dinoz can do different parts of the quest. So if you have two dinoz stationed at place A and place B, and the quest requires you to take action at place A and place B, you can do both the actions without moving any dino.

1. The quest starts in Fish port. You need to have 10 000 to initiate this part. At random times, not allways, an option to talk to a strange punk appears. He will offer you a bet of 10 000 for a passport to Totem Island. You have to accept the bet, despite its obvious scam. It will indeed turn to be a scam and you will loose.

2. Talk to the punk again and he will offer you a bet for 100 000 . You do not need to actually have the money this time. You are going to win this bet, but the punk will run away after that.

3. The next time either one of your dinoz walks into the Forges of Big All Hot, you will see option to talk to "Disguised Yakuzi", who is the strange punk. Once you ask him for money back a fight will start, and at least lvl 20 is recommended for winning easily, but well trained lower lvl dinoz with good health will do it too. He doesnt do much damage and has only 30hp, but is fairly well armored (liek dinoz in PVP). Ocasionaly he uses skill "Yakuzzi!" which makes him duplicate himself. Repeated uses of the skill can make the fight drag on. Note that a different dinoz of yours can initiate this part, it doesnt have to be the one who talked to him in Fish port.

4. Go to Deep Gorges (you will need lantern for this). You will find Yakuzi again and he will pretend to be frozen. When you press on him, he fights and call a small Kabuki for help. Not difficult fight for lvl 20+ dinoz. After you defeat him, he runs away and drops a parchment which you pick.

5. Go to University (or just use any dinoz which happens to be there) and option to talk to Professor Igor will appear. Professor will ask for the parchment for translation. It will take him 36 hours to translate it.

6. After 36 hours you can talk to Professor Igor again. He will ask you for ingredients to build Kabuki Aura (item which looks liek a ring). Following ingredients must be given to the professor before he can start building the aura:

5x Pelinae Leaves
5x Furt Tuft
5x Lujidanee Grouper
2x Sharpened Flint
1x Air Energy
1x Water Energy

You must either find all those ingredients on your own, or buy them, or at least some of them, from other dinomasters on the Tamer Market. Advanced players typicaly sell packs of "Kabuki Ingredients". Note that you need 6 types of ingredients and you can only put 5 items in Tamer Market transaction, so you will never buy a complete set. Typicaly sets are sold around 60-80 . If you want to buy, try gather at least one type of ingredients on your own. The Water Energy is hardest to get (in Underwater dome, requires Elemental Fission) and is most expensive. Air Energy (in Brutforce, requires Elemental Fission) and Sharpened Flints (Dinotown, Coral Mines, Lavapit, Ashopuk Ruins, Haunted Hills, requires Search) are also rare, but not as much as the Water Energy. Fur Tufts (requires Shashroom Hunter), Lujidanee Grouper (requires Apprentice Fisher) and Pelinae Leaves (requires Gathering) are relatively common and easy to find if you have those skillz. You can consult ingredient maps here:

Professor will need 72 hours to build the Kabuki Aura.

7. Talk to Professor Igor in University again. He will give you a box and tell you to meet him in Coral Mines (Islands region). But after he leaves, you notice the box is empty.

6. Meet Professor Igor in Coral Mines. He turns hostile and attacks you - himself in a strange floating device, and 3 of his dinoz - 2 santas and 1 gorilloz. He also uses invisibility skill on himself and his dinoz so you will be forced to loose this fight, however, after you loose you will be automaticaly resurrected with 1 , you will not loose any and will not have to use Angel Potion. However the dinoz doing this part will be down to 1 so its a good idea to use some low level one.

7. Go to Totem Island. You will get lost in the fog, but you will meet Yakuzi who will be greatly disturbed that Professor Igor went to his island and will join with you. You will return safely to Coral Minez.

8. Go to Totem Island again. Upon arrival, the final fight will start. Note that unlike all previous fights, this one is not started by conversation, meaning whole group of your dinoz can fight if you move the leader to Totem Island. Fight will be your group + Yakuzi + his 2 kabukis vs. Professor Igor + his 2 santas and 1 gorillos. The fight is fairly tough, but Yakuzi replicating himself helps greatly absorbing the enemy hits.

9. Talk to Yakusi to get your reward:

Kabuki Aura (epic item), allows you to acess Totem Island

1x Kabuki Egg

Note that you can visit Totem island again and talk to Yakusi. Later on, he will offer you 2 more Kabuki eggs, but it is a random event. You may get offer for egg in 3 days or as well 3 months. The egg cost 50 000 and you can only buy 2 more of them (a total of 3 including the one you got after completing the quest). The only way to obtain more Kabukis is buying them at the Tamer Market.

07 Nov 2009, Skaare
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