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Dino RPG - skillz

Double Skills - from Madam X

You need to have the prerequisite skillz and talk to Madam X to unlock those. You will be able to learn them next time you level up. You dont need to do MadamX missions to unlock the skillz!

Waďkikidô + Cocoon = Basalt Armor (P)
Increase the armor by 3

Combustion + Absolute Zero = Elementary Master (P)
Increase Water and Fire elements by 2

Kamikaze + Kaos Path = Sprint (P)
Increase the Dinoz initiative by 6

Primal State + Gaďa Path = Shock (P)
Adds the value of the element Lightning to Wood attacks and the Wood element to Lightning attacks

Wild Instinct + Ejectable Palms = Jolt (A)
Ground attack with the power of Wood + Air 4

March + Lightning = Electrolysis (P)
Increase the speed of all Dinoz in the group by 5%

Adrenaline + Elasticity = Overload (P)
Increases the chances of multi-attacks by 15%

Sapper + Vaporous Form = Bubble (P)
Cancels the damage of non Wood elemental spells

Vengeance + Achilles Heel = Vendetta (P)
Increase the chance of couter-attacks by 20%

Magic Resistance + Without Mercy = Tireless (P)
Increases all defenses by 2

Demon dinoz skillz

Each demon type of dinoz has one.

Demon Gorilos
Special skill: Increases all assaults by 5

Demon Wan-wan
Special skill: Gives the status Acelerated to all the dinoz in the group

Demon Winks
Special skill: Increases all defenses by 6

Demon SoftPig
Special skill: Attacks one enemy with a fire power 5 plus wood power 3

Sphere skillz - from Elementary Teacher

Those skillz can be learned by using sphere, which is reward for finishing all quests of the Elementary Teacher. Not yet added to english server! Sphere skill lvl 2 can be obtained by using 2 spheres of the same type, skill lvl 3 by using 3 spheres of the same type on a single dinoz. Not sure about some translations here.

Fire sphere
1. Brazier (A)
Attack all enemies with the power of Fire 3.
2. Detonation (A)
The enemy Dinoz loses 5 hp and 15 points of initiative.
3. Heart of the Phoenix (S)
Increases hp recovery at rest by 15% recovery.

Earth sphere
1. Start Gland (E)
Attack with a power of wood 5.
2. Gratteur (C)
Allows you to search additional square.
3. Grosse Beigne (A)
Double the power of next assault.

Water sphere
1. Vitality (S)
Increases dinoz max hp by 10.
2. Stump Liquids (E)
Reduces initiative of enemy dinoz by 25
3. Deluge (E)
Attack all enemies with a power of water 10 and reduce the initiative of all enemies by 8.

Lightning sphere
1. Reflex (S)
Increases initiative by 5.
2. Flash Winding (E)
Attack up to 3 opponents with a power of Lightning 10.
3. Survival (S)
Allows your dinoz escape after suffering fatal hit in combat.

Air sphere
1. Sting (A)
Attack one enemy with power of 3 Air.
2. Stinking Aura (S)
Poisons the enemy if you inflict damage.
3. Hypnosis (E)
An enemy switches side to yours.

Skills types:
- P = Permanent: This skill woks all the time.
- C = Collect: This skill enable to collect ingredients in different places.
- S = Special: This skill has a particular effect.
- E = Event: This skill can trigger before each attack (and normal attack happens after).
- A = Attack: This skill can replace an attack.

07 Nov 2009, Skaare
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