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Dino RPG - 2nd clan war


2nd CLAN WARS - Greatest Battlez of our clan

German Connection and allies

- We have counterattacked German Dino Jungle on September 15 20:24, joining a war in progress and claimed a bloodless victory.
- German Dino Jungle has abandoned their war against us on September 15.
- German Connection has abandoned their war against us on September 16.
- German Connection attacked again after sucesfull Mystery of Angels war against us on September 27 15:23 and claimed victory. No dinoz on either side lost, because our defenders were allready knocked out.
- We have launched revenge attack against German Connection, canceling their previous victory on October 31 at 05:51, after knocking out 10 defenderz. 6 Void Alliance dinoz have fallen in the battle:

- German Connection has launched yet another attack on us to reclaim their victory in evening November 3rd. Psychadelic Bones clan has joined the war, attempting to revenge our earlier victory aginst them:

- We have sucesfully defended our castle till end of the 2nd clan war at November 4th, 18:14. Go us!

Our final score in this campaign:
- dinoz killed: 73
- dinoz lost: 18
- battlez won: 67
- battlez draw: 15
- battlez lost: 7
- castlez destroyed: 4
- castlez lost: 1
- final result: VICTORY

Mystery of Angels

- Mystery of Angels castle destroyed on Monday September 14 at 06:40
- Unfortunately, we have lost the victory after Mystery of Angels counterattack on Sunday September 27 at 15:23, in which 10 Mystery of Angels dinoz have been killed and 7 our dinoz have fallen:

- We have decided to launch a revenge assault on Mystery of Angels castle on morning November 3rd.

After initial sucess, killing 9 defenders and damaging the castle down to 40% health, we have suffered casualties of 5 dinoz from replacement defenders, including our best warriors. An attack from German Connection on our castle later on forced us to retreat from the war, leaving us displeased that despite we have fought well in many battles in wars in this campaign, we have, in the end, lost everything.

Our final score in this campaign:
- dinoz killed: 36
- dinoz lost: 13
- battlez won: 46
- battlez draw: 4
- battlez lost: 33
- castlez destroyed: 1
- castlez lost: 1
- final result: DEFEAT

2nd CLAN WARS - Complete Results

We have been victorious in war against following clans:

dinomasters who distinguished themselves in the wars are cited

League of Dinoz September 08 at 08:11, Fountain Of Youth
Skaare (killed 3 defenderz), Wire, Vikil
Balkan Clan September 06 at 08:43, Dinotown
Buildoman2, BuGu, Ereroz1, MrNovember, Skaare (killed 3 defenderz)
Russia Dark Star September 08 at 12:03, Grandpa Joe
Mumo Army September 08 at 19:04
Templar Knights September 09 at 09:58, Dinotown
Buildoman2, Ereroz1, Skaare
Council of Nemesis September 09 at 16:45, Dinotown
BuGu, Skaare
Fierce Dinoz September 09 at 21:07, Dinotown
Skaare, Wire, Vikil
DINOMAX September 10 at 16:20
The Clan September 11 at 10:44
Czech Claws September 11 at 14:02
TWBBS September 12 at 08:02, Dinotown
Buildoman2, Skaare
Mystery of Angels September 13 at 09:36, Marketplace
note: victory canceled by counterattack September 27
Notable battlez:
- 6 defenders down, September 12 at 21:03 and 21:14
- 12 defenders down, September 13 at 08:29, 8:39 and 8:53
German Connection September 14 at 06:40, Precipicious Hills
note: victory canceled by counterattack September 27 and regained again on October 31 (see later)
Soldados de la Oscuridad September 14 at 23:10, Fountain of Youth
German Dino Jungle September 15 at 20:24, Precipicious Hills
Umpa Lumpa September 22 at 08:57, Precipicious Hills
Lietuviu Klanas September 23 at 05:16, Fountain of Youth
Pimpo, Yhette, Wire, Skaare
Psychadelic Bones September 29 at 23:00, Brutforce
Fatih123, Rawwwrrrr, Skaare, Softbrute, Zzbazza
The Dutch Elite October 02 at 10:31, Fountain of Youth
Pipimo, Yehte, Skaare
Ancient Knights October 02 at 19:35, Grandpa Joe´s
Melve, Rawwwrrrrr, Vikil, Wire
Jahcult October 11 at 20:57, University
Troll´s Cave October 12 at 20:51, Dinotown
Axie Force October 14 at 07:14, Dinotown
Company of Light October 14 at 10:32, Marketplace
Rawwwrrrrr, Skaare
German Wing(s) October 14 at 20:53, Grandpa Joe´s
Le Hueco Mundo October 15 at 20:17, University
Teozone, Rawwwrrrrr, Skaare, Softbrute, Vikil, Wire, WopKatan
Dead or Alive October 21 at 20:59, University
DragonBR, Fatih123, Rawwwrrrrr, Skaare (killed 4 defenders), Vikil, Wire
Dino Dominators October 28 at 21:36, Marketplace
German Connection October 31 at 05:51, Precipicious Hills
Amirsimon, Erezoz1, Lendamos, Pipimo (killed 1 defender), Rawwwrrr, Relentless, Softbrute, Skaare (killed 8 defenderz), Teozone (killed 1 defender), TheFitz, Wire, WopKatan, Yehte, Zzbazza

We have fought to a draw in wars against following clans:

dinomasters who distinguished themselves in the wars are cited
The d'Irma Initiative October 10, Brutforce
Erezoz1 (killed 1 defender), Mafforas, Skaare (killed 9 defenderz), Vikil, Wire, Yehte
Mystery of Angels November 03, Marketplace
Kthxbye, Relentless, Skaare (killed 9 defenderz)

Defensive warfare at our castle in Fishport

the following dinomasters have participated on defending our castle and elliminated over 100 attackers:
Basil, Diddo97, Cameron, Faith123, Gekkogeek, Jedihunter, Kthxbye, Lendamos, Peganakin, Pipimo, Rawwwrrrr, Relentless, Sagacious, Skaare, Thamnophis, TheFitz, Yehtte, Wire, WopKatan, Zzbazza

Attacking dinoz of the following clans have been elliminated:
- German Gonnection: 40 dinoz
- Psychadelic Bonez: 12 dinoz
- German Dino Jungle: 11 dinoz
- German Wingz: 11 dinoz
- Mystery of Angels: 10 dinoz
- Death Children: 4 dinoz
- The Dutch Elite: 4 dinoz
- others: ~10 dinoz

Economic warfare, and war logistic

the following dinomasters have donated bigest amounts of ingredients to support clan war effords (1000 or more)

Lendamos 26 775

Skaare 11 190

Diddo97 2 050

Teozone 1 400

Yehtte 1 200

Vikil 1 050

Wire 1 000

Congratulations to all.

Respect to our foes.

07 Nov 2009, Skaare
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