New Void Keeper

As of  Mon Sep 22, 2014.

TowelieBan was handed the Role of Void Keeper.

Void Alliance wishes Skaare all the very best of luck in his future and he will always be remembered for his greatness and servitude! 

Tow xxx

22 May 2015, administrator
Awards 2012/II

The Void Command Council is pleased to bestow the following awards for excellent undertakings of our personnel during second half of 2012: 

 Darky - M4 - Leading the Command & Conquer division in wartime 

 Darky - C4 - Making the Void Alliance part of a network of United Alliances for the benefit of all its members in Command & Conquer division 

 Rage - M4 - For perservering under heavy strain and succesfully surviving excessive harassment by a higher ranked player, and reaching the top 100 of the uni regardless. See (Ogame, Universe Mizar) 

 Rage - C2 - For virtually single handedly leading the Ogame Mizar division over several months, facing threat of disbanding with an all time low of full members (3) and lack of activity. Brought the alliance back up to strength and activity, reaching the top 5 in all front. (not sure how to rate this, so I'll let the council decide. For further info, see all the Mizar monthly reports since I took over from Mutania) 

 CaptainNEMO - I4 - On his own initiative providing the entirety of VA with some much needed insight into what was going on with DJ when he went rogue with VA Leo division. (Ogame, universe Leo) ( for reference) 

 Xastain - C4 - Setting up and managing galaxytool for VA Pegasus division, and actively helping members with it through the use of circs. (Ogame, universe Pegasus) 

 Salumbri - C1 - For standing in for Skaare when it was needed, leading VA in an active manner, facing periods of heavy internal drama, while all the while sticking to his duties, despite criticism on his performance. Also for setting up initiatives like the uniform External page, and the VA Voice Chat (although the latter as of yet unsuccesful). Though this time may be somewhat past, I feel it should not be forgotten, nor unrewarded. 

 Pringles1719 - M5 - For together with Sochin and general Grievous (both contractors) taking down a higher ranked fleeter that was severely harassing the VA hub in G2. (Ogame, universe Pegasus) 

 Mutania - M4 - Achieving a Super Advanced hit in ogame universe 44, link:

Congratulations to all the awarded personnel!  

17 Jan 2013, drduerinck
Annual Void Command Counsil Elections

As by tradition all members could candidate for a position in the council in 2013 by clan-wide elections. There where 6 candidates.

There were a total of 34 votes cast in the first round and 28 in the second. CaptianNemo was re-elected as a council member and is joined by Rage.

The Void Command Council now looks as follows:

Void Keeper - Skaare
Vice-Void Keeper - Salumbri
VCC Consul (VK-1) - Fitz
VCC Consul (VK-2) - Razor Fox
VCC Consul (VVK) - drduerinck
 VCC Consul (Elected-1) - CaptianNemo 
 VCC Consul (Elected-2) - Rage

12 Jan 2013, drduerinck
Appointment of 2 new council members

On the 20th of October 2012 Salumbri, Vice Void Keeper, announced the appointment of 2 new council members:

CaptianNemo, chosen to replace Salumbri's place as elected Void Consul of 2012. CaptianNemo was chosen with official elections in which all full members of the Void Alliance could candidate and vote.

DrDuerinck, as Vice Void Keeper, Salumbri must appoint one consul himself, after the previous VVK Consul Pegasus has retired from VA, Salumbri has chosen DrDuerinck to take this place in the council.

The Void Command Council now looks as follows:

Void Keeper - Skaare
Vice-Void Keeper - Salumbri
VCC Consul (VK-1) - Fitz
VCC Consul (VK-2) - Razor Fox
VCC Consul (VVK) - drduerinck
VCC Consul (Elected-1) - Joe
VCC Consul (Elected-2) - CaptianNemo

21 Oct 2012, drduerinck
Merc A17 New Void Commander of Uni 44, Ogame

After Wokeg's announcement on the 28th of September 2012 that he will step down as VC of uni 44. Salumbri, Vice-Void Keeper, appointed Merc A17 as new Void Commander of the VA division in Uni 44, Ogame, on 3 October 2012.

Merc A17 has experience leading this division and we are sure he will do a great job. Nevertheless, we wish him and his division the best of luck!

07 Oct 2012, drduerinck
Ogame Nekkar Division goes official
On thursday 13 Sept 2012, Salumbri, Vice-Void Keeper, announced that Nekkar division is now officially a division of VA.

He chose Battlegoth as Void Commander to lead this division.
May the Nekkar division thrive under his leadership and bring VA glory!

14 Sep 2012, drduerinck
New Vice-Void Keeper and Skaare's future
On Wed 05 Sept 2012, Skaare, Void Keeper of VA, announced that he has decided to appoint Salumbri the new Vice-Void Keeper.

05 Sep 2012, drduerinck
Uni Andromeda Division decomissioned

On the 1st of August 2012 Mutania announced in his montly VCC report that he no longer saw a future for VA in Andromeda after the Io merge, and stepped down as Void Commander.

Quote Mutania:
'I am stepping down as VC and will leave the uni, but no one else wants to pick up the scraps.
I think it is fairly safe to say that this division is as good as dead and probably should be dispanded.'

On the 18th of August 2012 Skaare, the Void Keeper, officially decomissioned the VA division in Uni Andromeda, Ogame.

19 Aug 2012, drduerinck
Awards - 2012/I
The Void Command Council is pleased to bestow the following awards for excellent undertakings of our personnel during first half of 2012:

Motion passed:

Mutania - M5 - 9 Basic HoFs, 1 ninja (Ogame server 43) 6 basic HoFs (Ogame server 44)
Orie - M5 - 3 Basic HoFs (Ogame in server 43)
Merc A17 - M5 - 5 Basic HoFs (Ogame server 43)
Verme - M5 - 2 Basic HoFs (Ogame, server 43)
ThyBoomz - M5 - 1 Basic HoF (Ogame, server 43)
Mutania - M4 - 1 Advanced HoF (Ogame, server 43)
Merc A17 - M4 - 1 Advanced HoF (Ogame, server 43)
WoodytheHero - C4 - Management and operation of VA wing (Ogame, server 43)
Merc A17 - C4 - Management and operation of VA main alliance (Ogame, server 43)
Wokeg - C3 - Successful NAP with largest thorn in VA's side (Ogame, server 43) (And I do mean largest.)
Pegasus - M5 - Destroying skizott's moon so doc could make a safe return in IO
Pegasus - M5 - getting to many HOF's
 DrDuerinck - M4 - Being such a successful, useful and reliable moonshotter. Helped a great deal of members. OGame Uni Andromeda (and Io premerge) 


06 Aug 2012, drduerinck
DinoRPG- 3rd Championship of the Clans
The 3rd Championship of the Clans in DinoRPG is over. VA has reached the Quarterfinals, every member received the Epic Item "Mercenary" and 2 Golden Napodinos.

Also, the monthly Dojo Tournament is over and VA member TheFitz reached the Semi Final.

12 Jul 2012, Thamnophis

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