News Flash, Jupiter, Ogame

The mysterious individual known as Commander Hatu has seen in Void Woods and is known to be armed and totally dangerous. The individual is known for totally going out of his way to help people in some sort of modern day Robin Hood impersonation. Commander Hatu is currently gathering his forces after being tossed in jail on false, trumped up, charges over a mixup in a government sponsored bank fiasco.

The bank fiasco that randomly caused chaos with his and others accounts is at the hart of the matter but the government is denying any involvement as usual. Now out of jail, and on probation, Commander Hatu is rumored to have been seen slapping the government and the banks at will while he gathers supply's and bides his time when he will come back and divide and conquer the known world.

It is suspected that as soon as communications between Commander Hatu and his forces improves there will be a great uprising and rejoicing at his return. Information on the good Commander is for now is limited to swift foot messengers and rumors of sightings of Commander Hatu in the Void Woods in the Ohio Shire. it is however highly anticipated that his return will cause mountains of chaos and grief for the competition currently going on to rule the know world.

Sources close to the vest at time of press say hes similar to Alexander the Great in the way he installs loyalty in the troops and fear in his enemy's.

Captain Nemo of Oregon Shire.

02 Jul 2012, drduerinck
VA in Nekkar, Ogame

At the date of 21th of June, 2012 the new VA division in Nekkar has conquered the rank 1 spot.  

Alliance Rank------ 1st Overall
Economy----------- 1st Overall
Research----------- 1st Overall
Military------------- 1st Overall

This division is still in it's probary period. But with these results it is likely to be accepted as an official division soon.

Temporary Commander of this division is Battlegoth.

22 Jun 2012, drduerinck
The Io Merge
The Merge has happened and the former Io division has been split up.

Most fleeters have gone to join and reinforce the VA division in Jupiter.
The VC Mutania went to Andromeda allong with some members, some others went to Draco.

More news of these sections soon in the VCC report overview of May.

02 Jun 2012, drduerinck
VCC reports, April 2012


Uni 44: The alliance has settled well in this merged uni. Currently rank 26 (up 2 since last month). Both the main ally and it's wing are strong and stable. Population: 40 + 41

Uni Io: VA remains to stand strong in Io, it is stable and rank 2. Even thow this division is at war, it keeps getting stronger. Population: 33

Uni Mizar: Lost some of big fleeters this month, dropping VA from rank 1 to 5. The division thow keeps standing. Population: 43

Uni Jupiter: A quiet month, thow gaining a rank from 6 to 5. Population: 65

Uni 35: In war with vendetta. Currently ranked 5, closing in on rank 4. Population 57

Uni Leo: VA has undergone some changes so it's not a mass alliance anymore in Leo. This resulted in dropping some ranks from 4 to 6. But this is very considerable. A spy has been kicked out, and there is a silent war going on with WARP.

Guild Wars

Big month for both the alliance and the game.

VA was invited to join the top 5 speed clear alliances but they were Kurz allied. So VA in guild wars is now Kurzic based. It was the second BETA test of 3 days on the end of April giving the pre buy owners some time to experience the new GW2 coming and it didnt disapoint.


Last 2 months have been pretty basic. no clan events. Dojo has not been good for VA hopefully the current one will be. Next event starts in june.

09 May 2012, drduerinck
More Ogame Merges

New Merges have been announced for the named uni's in Ogame

This will directly affect VA's division in Io.

Most players will be going to Draco to form a division there. Some top fleeters thow will be going to Jupiter to join VA in that uni.

09 May 2012, drduerinck
Appointment of new Bureaucrats

On 03 April, 2012 and 30 April, 2012 two new bureaucrats were appointed:

Bureaucrat - Salumbri 
jurisdiction: VCC Monthly Reports
keeping track of the reports

Bureaucrat - drduerinck 
jurisdiction: Bureau of Cyberspace
maintenance of clan website

They are reinforcing the Clan Administration Bureau which now consists of 5 members.

30 Apr 2012, drduerinck
'War' in uni Io, Ogame

[FrackU] vs [_VA_]

Kingsize declared war against VA with his alliance FrackU.
FrackU was at the beginning of the war 4 members strong, VA 33 members strong.
The fleeters of VA did not have much targets to go for, and FrackU was only attacking miners and weaker players of VA that were closeby. Withdrawing there attacks if they had any suspicion VA was planning a ninja.

Thow most of the VA players where not in any kind of danger and just frowned upon FrackU, VA could not stand by iddle and threw in some nuke attacks and defence bashes.  
Our actions had result. 2 Fracku members down. 2 to go.
It was non other then Pegasus (aka Anakin), top ranked player in Io, and since long a trusted member of VA. Who crashed one of the 2 members still standing. His entire fleet ripped to bits.

FrackU is down to 1 member, Kingsize. And thow this 'war' is officialy not over yet. FrackU has already lost.

DrDuerinck, officer/moonshooter uni Io

30 Apr 2012, drduerinck
Struggles in Mizar, Ogame
Mizar, as a new uni, was one big pan of turmoil. VA grew fast because it was set up on the first day, and several full members naturally immediately joined the ranks, propelling us to #1 on the first day. Then the flocks of new members came in, some to just complete their tutorial, others to stay. Lots of people were going by new tactics, trying other things out, and a lot of us were desperately trying to stick to the top, each in their own way. 

But I'm not here to tell Mizar's tale. I'm here to tell my own tale. I rose up the ranks as an industrialist, focusing on economy and relying on keeping my resources spent or afloat, and a little defense to keep raiders at bay. Turns out I had a bad neighbour though, in the same system as 4 of my planets. He was one of the top fleeters, and decided on one day, for still unknown reasons, to raid the hell out of my planets for no profit whatsoever. There was nothing I could do but sit by, keep my res afloat, and watch as what little defense I had was pummeled into bits during the days that followed.

I didn't give up though. I saw my rank plummeting from 115 to 177 as the days dragged by and I took hit after hit. Some people might've just given up, but I hadn't come so far to just get knocked out of the game by one player. I got lucky. He grew careless and attacked one of the 4 planets 7 times within 23hrs and 30mins. That's bashing, and it got him banned for a week because it was his second offense.

I had a week. But a weekw asn't enough to turtle up all my planets against the kind of force he had at his disposal. So I decided to do something bold. I abandoned my newest colony in the system, and moved it somewhere else. Then I relocated two others, and made my main planet into a bunker. When he got back, he had no idea where I'd gone, and the attacks ceased.

I have now climbed back to rank 120, whereas he has dropped to 200+

Stubborness prevails.

By Rage, Recruitment officer Mizar. 

30 Apr 2012, drduerinck
The Inter Dojo Tournament XI is over, and for the first Time the Champion is a VA Member: Anskar!
After a long and tough fight, he defeated Luigiemma05 and won the Zen Medal

13 Nov 2011, Thamnophis
DinoRPG: Clanwar VI is over!
The 6th Clanwar is over. This time, VA entered the Top 3 and finished 3rd, the best Rank of this Division so far! More than 50 battles have been fought, and it was worth it, every member has been generously rewarded!
Now, right after war, a new Inter Dojo Tournament has begun. Good luck VA!

02 Oct 2011, Thamnophis

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