05/12/2005 Devil´s Den divison:

An upcoming guild PVE contest in Guild Wars is being prepared. All guild members check out this thread on the forums. (you need to have your acess activated)

We are also discussing possibility to prune the guild roster in GW for inactive personnel. All guild members who have been inactive for several last weeks please notify us of your presence.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
25/11/2005 clan news:

The Void Alliance is celebrating its 5th anniversary 25th November 2000 - 2005!!

Earlier this week a Treasure Hunt contest in Guild Wars has taken place. Winners:

1. Charr Blade Warrrior (prize 10 500g)

2. Undead Ninja (prize 3 000g)

3. Seanus Steelwood (prize 2 000g)

Congratulations to all winners and thanx for courage and dedication to all the other guild members who participated in the contest.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
08/11/2005 website:

New screenshots of last week from the ancient game where VA was founded have been added: Tachyon.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
28/10/2005 clan news:

The guild race from Ascalon to Beacon perch has been won by Skaare of Aiur with time 30:03. Congratulations!

Earlier this week, VA Apollo has been appointed new Consul in the Void Command Council, replacing late Consul Wicked Ice.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
07/10/2005 awards:

The following VA personnel has been awarded by the Council for their accomplishments in II.Q. 2005. Congratulations!

Apollo - C3

reason: leadership and recruitment in Guild wars, help developing the division, organizing matches, negotiating alliance, helping guild members.

Apollo - M5

reason: BF2 Acomplishments, with Requireing Medals, and Points/ranks.

And also for remaining In Top places of the team, In the leaderboards during matchs (Screens available) and for good PvP Consecutive wins in GW (Check screens of the week)

Amy M4

reason: Combat accomplishments in JKA Siege

(screenshots in Void Knights forum under topic: VA Hoth Siege Project)

Blitz M4

reason: I'm requesting an M3 for my victory in Guild Wars:

My team had 31 consecutive wins with 7 flawless victorys


Blaze M4

reason: Combat accomplishments in JKA Siege

(screenshots in Void Knights forum under topic: VA Hoth Siege Project)

Too the many victories in Jedi Academy siege and dueling rounds, meeting attendence and honorable dueling. Not to mention his skills raising with a Staff style saber.

Bulldog M4

reason: combat accomplishmnets in MU online

Captain Scarlet - M4

reason: combat accomplishments in Battlefield 2

Crazy Owl - C5

reason: help for clan members in CS Source


reason: creating individual game pages for VA website


reason: combat accomplishments in Battlefield 2 and Gunz

Lunchbox October M3

reason: combat accomplishments in Halo2

Most notably (but hard to show)

a killtacular with a machine (they were on a spectre too)

Gaining 12 levels in Team Slayer in one day (went from 10 - 22)

Gaining 15 levels in double team in one day (went from 3 - 18)

Gaining 15 levels in Team Skirmish in one day ( 0 - 15, not hard lol but only in 15 games..)

Getting 12 sticks in a game

Getting 15 beat downs with out the sword*

Getting 9 assassinates with out the sword (same game*)

39 victories to 17 losses in Team Slayer

35 victories to 31 losses in Double Team

74 head shots in a 2 hour period.

29 beat downs in a 2 hour period (with out sword.. except maybe like 4 - 6 of them.. usually shotgun :p)

33 assassinations in a 2 hour period.

14 double kills, 8 triple kills, 2 killtaculars and 1 kill frenzy.

Rebel Spies M3

reason: I would like to reccomend RebelSpies an M2 for his extrordinary achievements in JKA, especially Seige. He has taught Blaze and me (Amy) very useful skills to make us better players and deserves to be credited for his work.

(screenshots in Void Knights forum under topic: VA Hoth Siege Project)

Skaare M5

reason: For ending the GVG battle in Guild Wars on his own. He took out the Guild Lord all by himself while the rest of use were trailing behind trying to get through the gates.

Slayer - M4

reason: Achieving a full templated Jedi on Star Wars Galaxies which takes as long as 18 weeks to just unlock and weeks and weeks worth of xp to level his jedi character.

Victories wins in Jedi Academy, Gunz and Battlefront.

Slayer - C3

reason: Finalizing the php forums, the fixing of many bugs on these forums. And the help on countless requests of computer tech and game tech help.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
28/09/2005 clan news:

VA Yamaha MX has been appointed Void Alliance commander in MU online. Anyone interested in this game check out this thread.

Note that term for the Council to give awards for accomplishments in III.Q. of 2005 is tomorrow! If you wish to request an award, do so as soon as possible, or you will have to wait till end of december again.

Guild Wars guild members check out GW information page HERE.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
31/08/2005 JKA:

Jedi Academy meeting scheduled for sunday 4th September 2005 2pm EST. Void Alliance members check out details in this thread on the private forums and attend!

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
04/08/2005 clan news:

Void Alliance is entering new game: Battlefield 2. Void Commander in charge: Apollo.

Several GvG battle victories achieved in Guild Wars, check out Screenshots of the Week!

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
07/07/2005 clan news:

The Void Command Council is pleased to announce the that VA Slayer, who was allready working on the new forums for some time, has been appointed Minister of Cyberspace, replacing late minister Runding.

At the same time, VA Crazy Owl will be taking charge of VA forces in Guild Wars as Void Commander.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
24/06/2005 IMPORTANT clan news:

The clan Void Alliance is moving to new PHP forum, built by tireless effords of VA Runding. Please register here: http://www.voidalliance.net/forum/

27 Feb 2009, Skaare

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