07/02/2005 clan news:

The Void Command Council has ratified new forum behavior policy and sig rules. All VA forum visitors please note:

Dear forum users,

The Void Alliance welcomes you onto our forums. These are open for anyone who wishes to communicate with the Void Alliance and chat with VA members. Feel free to reply to any thread, or open discussion with your own thread in the appropriate forum. When posting, please refrain from unecessarily hateful or abusive language. Always respect other members' opinions and personalities, even if you disagree with them. If you are offended by a certain threat, or you feel the subject matter in question is too contraversial for you to discuss it in a civilized manner, please refrain from contributing to it at all.

Furthermore, please do not flood the board with vast amounts of meaningless posts, and avoid interupting a thread with irrelevant statements (known as spamming). Most importantly, use your common sense; don't bury a thread before it dies, and don't try to alter the subject of an active debate.

Please note that deciding what "unecessarily hateful or abusive language", "irrelevant statement" or "spamming" consists of is up to the administrators and forum moderators. You may be a Meta-Ethics student, but I'm afraid you'll find that the answer to 'What is right' is 'Whatever they tell you'. That said, in practice the moderators rarely change or delete threads, and usually only to move posts to the correct forum board. If you are polite, and treat people with respect, you will find the moderators are on your side - more often than not.

Finally, please respect custom signature (Sig) rules on our forums:

1, Your sig (including all images, quotes, awards and other content) must not be higher than 400 pixels.

2, If your sig is 150-400 pixels high, you may only use it once in a thread.

3, If your sig is less than 150 pixels high, you may use it unlimitedly, after each post.

Thank you, Void Command Council of the clan Void Alliance


- Stricter policies may be enforced in specific Void Alliance government forums.

- This policy is NOT enforced in "Lunatic Asylum" public forum.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
14/01/2005 clan news:

Thanx to all members of the Void Alliance for helping us to make such a great clan, a true virtual home for us all. In the year 2004 we have clebrated 4th anniversary of the Void Alliance founding and without doubt it was one of the best years in our history. With the cool members we currently have, the ownage in games and other activites we have displayed, the spirit and traditions of our clan - there is noone to match us on this world.

Several Void Alliance members have been awarded for their exceptional service to the clan in year 2004 A.D. by the Void Command Countil. Congratulations!

Bloodbrother - M4

reason: combat achievements and clan reprezentation in Day of Defeat, Unreal Tournament and Diablo 2 (lvl 93 HC sorc).

Capi - M2

reason: Extraordinary combat achievements in CounterStrike, Specialists, Trenches, Call of Duty, Day of Defeat. Frequent and lasting representation and impressive kills-to-death casualties ratios. Work on Call of Duty tacic, training of CS recruits.

CrazyOwl - M4

reason: Excellent combat achievements in LOL, leading Void Alliance forces in battle against GB clan. Combat accomplishments in JKA.

CrazyOwl - C4

reason: Introducing the game Lord of Legends to VA, creating guild in it, organization of the battles, alliance and sucesfull clan forces management, recruitment.

Darkheyr - M5

He has been an incredible help for our clan ranking in LoL, might and rank achieved in the game.

JDJedi - C5

Reason: Brilliant management in various sector within RS as well as creating a HQ map. Above all, his dedication to his appointments.

JDJedi - M4

Reason: Remarkable achievement of attaining Level 30 in Runescape within 2 weeks. Activity in JKA and tips+tactics posted in Void Knights tactic forum.

Marcino - M5

Reason: Active Representation in Runescape.

Maya - M4

reason: representation of the clan in SWGB standard setts RM battles.

Paradoxt - C4

Reason: Skillfull leadership of BOS, recruitment effort as well as being very resoruceful in mapping out sub-division HQs.

Paradoxt - M5

Reason: Active Representation in Runescape. Paradoxt has progressed very well in Runescape and managed to gain 20 combat levels in 5 days.

Rebel Spies - M4

For his efforts in MU online, he turned a char from lvl 0 to lvl 100 in a week.

Shadowknight - C3

reason: Dedicated management of division in Runescape, recruitment and organization. Donating a large sum of cash towards the Void Vault and purchasing expensive armour for fellow members using his own personal cash. SK donated 50k to the clan + provided me with weapons, armour and other items of the best standard with his own money. Recruitment in Runescape and JKA

Shadowknight - M3

Achieving rank 4790 out of 50,000 in Runescape.

NOTE: The 50,000 represents the top 50,000 not the amount of players.


Frequent reprezentation of the clan in JKA Siege Games.

Static - M4

reason: Combat achievements and active representation in Day of Defeat.

Static - C4

reason: activity in Council hearings and investigations.

Skaare - M3

reason: Combat achievements in SWGB, advanced tech setts RM game type. Over 50 battles in 2004, including agaist skilled clans and players, sucess rate 90%+

T-Rex - M3

reason: Elite dueling skills in Galspan Poseidon, major credit in winning VA-SM Tachyon match in february 2004.

Wicked Ice - M4

reason: Combat achievements active representation in Battlefield

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
15/12/2004 clan news:

Award nominations for year 2004 are being discussed at here. All clan members are invited to place their nominations.

VA members playing LOL please note announcement of VC Crazy Owl here.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
02/12/2004 clan news:

The Void Alliance is probing possibilities of setting up a new division in Xbox-live Halo 2. Officer in charge: VA Lunchbox October.

Major battle against SY clan forces occured this weekend.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
25/11/2004 clan news:

VA Shadowknight is assuming position of Void Commander in Runescape. Congratulations on good start in this new job and welcome to two new Runescape recruits of the Void Alliance: Stallas and Marcino.

Void Alliance public forums will be undergonig a minor re-arrangement this week.

Reminder to all Void Commanders: submit your november report till 10th december in this forum.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
01/11/2004 clan news:

Void Alliance is entering new game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, under command of VA Defcon One.

JKA meetings will be taking place every saturday 8pm CET/2pm EST. IP will be posted allways 1 hour in advance on the Void Knights forum.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
01/11/2004 website updates:

Thumbnails added to downloads section.

Historical screenshots Mechwarrior, Tachyon and Jedi Knight II 2001 and 2002 recently found and added to database - screenshot archives.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
30/09/2004 Website updates:

New wallpapers added to the Downloads section.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
08/09/2004 Clan News:

JKA Tournament


Participants may play a maximum of six(6) games per opponent. The tournement will last up

to Two(2) weeks begining September 19th and end on October 2nd. Score will be

calculated and posted on October 3rd


To avoid deaths by falling down holes or being pushed off the edge of a map and FPS lagg,

Only the following maps will be allowed

Bespin Courtyard

Imperial Control Room

Taspir Landing

Rancor Pit

Abandoned City

Vjun Fuel Processing

Force Regen Time will be set as default(200)

Saber Damage Scale will be set as default

Only the Following Force powers are allowed

Jump level 3

Saber Attack level 3

Saber Defend level 3

Playing matches and reporting

Whenever you feel like it, play game with participants of the much as you see them online. When you play someone, you should finish maximum of six games. You may play more of course, but only six games on which you both will agree upon will count into the tournament.

Computing the score

- you must play at least 10 games to qualify

- your score is calculated as follows:

games played + % win ratio*0.5 = your score

Sign up here!

New VCs

New Void Commanders have been appointed in the following games

VA Capi : Counter Strike

VA Frodo: Runescape

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
09/08/2004 Clan News:

The possibility of creating a new Ministry of Education is being discussed. Void Alliance members check out this topic.

We are challenged by clan HpD in Counter Strike. VA personnel active in CS please look here.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare

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