The monthly Reports for August are released now!
The VCC Reports from all Divisions can be found in the Forum now, including the first Report from the brand-new Travian Division.

This month the average population Rank of all Divisions is 2,25, average growth is 3,37

On a side note: The DinoRPG Division entered the war! The current
Rank is 4, war will end on the 29th September. Good Luck!

05 Sep 2011, Thamnophis
DinoRPG 2nd Championship of the Clans
The second Championship of the Clans is over.

Despite some tough Battles against the Top 3 Clans, there´ve been lots of glorious Fights.

Finally, for claiming 4 Victories, every Member has been awarded with the Epic Item "Radiant Seedling" and 100 Treasury Notes!

28 Jul 2011, Thamnophis
Ogame IO division
The Void Alliance in Ogame IO has grown massively within last month. Commander Jackle485 reports the division standing as:

Divison Ratings

Strength: 3 - medium: population 31-60
Right now were hanging at 43 members. Right now we're actively recruiting, but thinking about slowing down once we hit 45 members.

Growth: 5 - skyrocketing: massive increase this month
I'm happy to say we have been multiplying like rabbits. We've jumped from 9 members to 43 in under a month. That's almost a 500% increase! 

27 Jul 2011, Skaare
VA in uni43
The Void Alliance in universe 43 is growing in strength,  currently ranked 3rd in overall points. If you think about joining or re-joining ogame in a larger alliance, universe 43 or 35 is the right choice for you. If smaller alliances are more of your taste, we also have smaller alliances in Io and Gemini.

30 Jun 2011, Skaare
The final monster of DinoRPG
The Void Alliance offers an interesting video of fight against DinoRPG final boss - dragon The Venerable. 

31 Mar 2011, Skaare
DinoRPG 5th ClanWar
We have been noticed during the 5th Clan War , finishing in position 5! All the clan members have obtained epic items: Korg Cup, Chokokookie, 50 Treasury Notes, 200 Demon Notes and 1 Golden Napodino.

Full story
04 Mar 2011, Skaare
Chinese New Year in Guild Wars
The Guild Wars division has celebrated Chinese New year with special event - celestial rabbits were the thing this time! 

04 Mar 2011, Skaare
Ogame - universe Io
The Void Alliance is expanding into the new ogame universe Io. Talk to Commander Jackle or First officer Mutania if you wish to join our alliance in this new universe. 

06 Feb 2011, Skaare
12th Constitution, battles
The Void Command Council has passed motion to ammend the Constitution, scrapping Governors and expanding Consul positions, creating the 12th VA Constitution. In other news, our DinoRPG members continue fighting in the Dojo Trournament, one of the latests fights of Thamnophis shown in this video of wanwan fight.

04 Jan 2011, Skaare
DinoRPG 1st championship
Under leadership of new Void Commander Fitz, we have been noticed during the 1st Championship of the Clans of DinoRPG, finishing at the position 3! All the clan members have obtained an epic item: Bronze Cup. You can also watch fight from one of our last battles in the championship. 

16 Dec 2010, Skaare

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