10th VA Anniversary celebrations
On the occasion of 10th Void Alliance anniversary, VA Thamnophis has undertaken a glorious gastronomic feat, cooking the following cake. The Void Alliance anniversary was celebrated all over the world and in all kinds of imaginable ways, as shown in this picture of VA leader Skaare standing next to "VA FOREVER" text in the snow.

14 Dec 2010, Skaare
10th VA Anniversary
Today, on November 25th 2010, it is 10 years since the Void Alliance has been founded by a group of 7 starfighter pilots led by Red Storm in game Tachyon. Since then, we have founded divisions in dozens of games of all genres, recruited hundreds of members all over the world, fought and won thousands of diverse battles and fights. The sun never sets on our reign and never will.

27 Nov 2010, Skaare
DinoRPG championship
The Void Alliance DinoRPG division has fought its way to the final stages of the 1st Clan Championship in DinoRPG. Our strongest opponent in the qualification stage was Furious Eiffel Team Evolution: you can watch our battle, and the details of the most important fights on north and south.

Group 3 Standings

Pts Clan
15+37 Void Alliance
15+36 Furious Eiffel Team Evolution
14+33 les froggizs
8+10 Death Conquers All
6+8 Czech Claws
4+0 Darkness
4+0 The Playground

17 Nov 2010, Skaare
Wild Guns division
The Void Alliance division under command of Pegasus is now rank 1 alliance in Wild Guns server 1.
Top 10 alliance
1 [=VA=] VOID ALLIANCE 1306719
2 [King] _The-Lords-TR_ 954435
3 [Primus] Eşitler Arasın... 430088
4 [AVRUPA] SAYGI 181397

04 Nov 2010, Skaare
Scrapped divisions
The following divisions are being scrapped effective today and there Commanders relieved of there duties on the grounds of inactivity and/or not submitting VCC reports. Even divisions in games once glorious eventually die.. but we move on.

Battleknight, oGame uni14, oGame uni22, oGame uni US Barym

19 Oct 2010, Skaare
Championship of the Dinoz
The Void Alliance DinoRPG division is entering the Championship of the Clans today! You can check our progress on the Battle Page.

14 Oct 2010, Skaare
Redesign of ogame
The redesign of ogame, combined with terrible customer relations of the company running it, continues to drive its players away. Nearly all older servers have dropped to 300 players or less. Recently one of our top ogame players Skaare announced quitting ogame, leaving rank 1 account in universe 14 behind.

06 Sep 2010, Skaare
End of 4th clan war - Dino RPG
Under leadership of new Void Commander Fitz, we have been noticed during the War of the Clans number 4 finishing at the position 12! All the clan members have obtained an epic item: Stone of Orientation. 

06 Sep 2010, Skaare
Starcraft 2
The event many of us considered a mere chimaera 10 years ago, something we would all love to see, but know will never happen has eventually came true: Starcraft 2. For now, clan system is not yet implemented in the game, once it is, Void Alliance will be immediately expanding into this game. Atm, our players are allready playing on individual basis.

06 Sep 2010, Skaare
Entering ogame uni50
The Void Alliance is entering new "chaos universe" Gemini 50 on ogame.org server. Void Commander: Wokeg

06 Sep 2010, Skaare

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