Clan urban photographing contest
Enter your pictures of urban areas or other human dwellings and structures into clan photographing contest! More information on forum. 

29 Aug 2009, Skaare
Expansion into Andromeda
The Void Alliance is expanding into ogame redesign universe Andromeda, under command of interim VC Towelie. Any players interested in the new ogame are welcome to join in. 

29 Aug 2009, Skaare
New leadership - ogame uni.35
Razor Fox is appointed new Void Commander in VA division of ogame uni35. Congratulations and good luck in this fierce universe. 

29 Aug 2009, Skaare
Void Alliance IRC Channel
Void Alliance is opening its public IRC channel. Feel free to join us at:
IRC Server:
Channel: voidalliance
Port: 6667

28 May 2009, Skaare
Clan singing contest
Sing a song no matter how terrible you singing and enter into clan singing contest! More information in this thread on forum. Lots of craziness guaranteed. 

28 May 2009, Skaare
Clan drawing contest
Enter your drawings no matter what they are into clan drawing contest! More information in this thread on forum. 

23 Apr 2009, Skaare
Dinoz PRG
The Void Alliance is entering DinozRPG! Feel free to join us. Dinoz clan pages here

23 Apr 2009, Skaare
Wesbite updates
The new wesbite is now put into operational use! Sections News, Forum, Members, Downloads, Screenshots, Contacts and Upload fully functional. Sections Join Us, Divisions and Database are still to be filled. The old wesbite can be accessed here.

27 Mar 2009, Skaare
Agency of Personnel announcement
Razor Fox has been appointed new bureaucrat overseeing the Agency of Personnel. All recruits applying for full membership in VA please direct your questions to the new bureaucrat from now on.

25 Mar 2009, Skaare
New game - Kingsage
The Void Alliance is pleased to announce expansion into new game - Kingsage. Orchdork has been appointed Void Commander.

28 Feb 2009, Skaare

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