06/11/2006 Nightfall:

Nightfall is coming to the world of GW, and the followers of a fallen evil god gathering their strength to destroy all we worked so hard to build and defend. All Void Alliance members are encouraged to get the newest GW Nightfall campaign and help to fight the evil that threatens to overcome Elona.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
15/10/2006 Crystaline Desert Adventurous event results:

The event took place in Arid Sea and involved obtaining an Ancient Weapon and several other informations about its inhabitants that died centuries ago. Details in this thread and several screenshots available event1 event2 event3 event4 event5 event6 event7.

In team 1, winner was Darth Diesel: 11 mintes 15 sec. (overall winner, prize 10000g)

In team 2, winner was Apollo: 14 minutes 16 sec. (prize 2000g)

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
15/10/2006 GW green drop event:

VA guild green farming event will take place on the ocassion of special weekend with tripple drop rate. More info in this thread. (VA private forums, members acess only)

Update: event suceeded, screenshots here.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
10/10/2006 Ogame diplomacy annoucement:

Honorable representatives of TBW and Ssaiyans. The Void Alliance wishes to thank you for your friendship and good will shown by forming and keeping a Non-Aggresion pact with us for several months.

With the universe 14 getting smaller and smaller tho, some of our players who enjoy more offensive playstyle feel limited by the NAPs we currently have, and considering that, our clan has decided to terminate all current NAPs in Ogame within 14 days from this announcement.

I assure you we have no intentions waging a war on you, and I believe the state of healthy competition in this small universe will be of no harm for either of our clans, and that we can maintain mutual respect and friendship.

Our Non Aggresion Pact will expire on 24th October 2006.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
05/09/2006 GW division leadership:

VA Darth Diesel is taking over leadership of the Guild Wars division from VA Apollo. The Council wishes to express many thanks to Apollo for his excellent leadership in this division during the previous 6 months.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
03/09/2006 Ogame news:

Congratulations to VA Dark5 for being second VA member in ogame to reach top 100!

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
27/08/2006 GW event:

Void Alliance GW division will be organizing a trip into Underworld thru Lornar Pass temple. Please sign up at this thread to take part.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
22/08/2006 GW event:

Governor Apollo has put a boutny on several beasts on the continents of Cantha and Tyria! Void Alliance clan hunting event begins on 22nd august. Check out lists of beasts to hunt in this thread, bounty rewards range from 500 to 5000 coins and totalling 20 000g!

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
31/07/2006 GW event:

Another clan Gladiator Tournament took place! 7 people were taking place: Skaare, Crazy Owl, Eurofighter, Thief, Undead Ninja, Invaldi and Angel.


1st. Skaare W/Me - 3.5 points + final duel

won against: Owl, Euro, Thief

draw with: Undead

final duel won against Euro

2nd place Eurofighter Me/Mo - 3.5 points

won against: Owl, Undead, Invaldi

draw with: Thief

3rd place Crazy Owl E/Me - 3 points

won against: Thief, Undead, Invaldi

4th place Invaldi W/Mo - 2 points

won against: Skaare, Thief

5th place Thief Rt/Mo - 1.5 points + final duel

won against: Undead

draw with: Euro

final duel won against Undead

6th place Undead Ninja N/Me - 1.5 points

won agasint: Invaldi

draw with: Skaare

7th place Angel of Holy Love (unifnished)

Skaare gets T2 award for victory.

Euro gets T3 award for 2nd place.

Forthermore, Invaldi gets T3 award for exemplary and honorable behavior in the tournament. When Invaldi first fought against Euro, Euro mistakenly targeted flag stand and lost. Invaldi suggested to repeat the fight, and eventualy lost it.

Grats to all who got an award, and thanx to all who participated in tournament, I hope you enjoyed it and got ideas for new evil builds for next time!

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
10/06/2006 GW event:

The Gladiator Tournament event turned out to be a great success, with nine people taking part! The event lasted a whole 2 hours! and was filled with many great epic battles that im sure many people will remember in months to come!

1st. Apollo - 7/7 Battles won

2nd. Ninja - 5.5/7 Battles won

3rd. Darth - 5/7 Battles won

4th. Skaare - 4/7 Battles won

5th. Crazyowl - 3/7 Battles won

6th. Invaldi - 2/7 Battles won

7th. Hunsi - 1.5/7 Battles won

8th. Omg - 0/7 Battles won

Congratulations to Apollo, Ninja, and Darth who all win a T Medal to show their sucess. And a big thanks goes to everyone else who took part! Pics from the tournament in this thread.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare

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