30/05/2006 Grand map of Cantha:

As before in Tyria, Void Alliance is pleased to announce completion of the Grand Map of Cantha!

The map comes in resolution of 6133*4602 (25 screenshots of game resolution 1280*1024) and covers nearly perfectly every explorable place in Cantha, available for downloading here.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
15/05/2006 GW event:

A guild PVE event will take place next sunday, GW players plz refer to this thread.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
02/05/2006 Grand map of Tyria:

The Void Alliance announces new Map of Tyria assembled by one of your players in Guild Wars. The map comes in resolution of 8063*6130 (48 screenshots of game resolution 1280*1024) and covers nearly perfectly every explorable place in Tyria, available for downloading here.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
21/04/2006 GW division pages:

New pages of our GW divisions operational here.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
10/04/2006 new BF2 squad:

Under the Command of VA Static, the Void Alliance is putting together a new BF2 squad. All clan members interested in the game please help us start regular team games in BF2. Check private Big Gun forums for details.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
14/03/2006 Void Alliance in Ogame:

Void Alliance is entering online space strategic game: www.ogame.org. To join VA alliance in Ogame, search for tags \VA\ . Current alliance members are encouraged to build their empires so our clan advances in the rankings: currently 149 out of 1220.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
28/02/2006 new wallpapers:

Check out new Void Alliance wallpapers created by Blitz, available in resolutions 1600*1200, 1280*1024 and 1024*768.

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
16/02/2006 clan announcement:

The Void Alliance is re-printing the following cartoon to support Denmark against the islamist fanatics:

Comments of Void Alliance members on this issue:

Freedom of Speech does have a limit, when it comes to national security and sedition, but censoring for the purpose of political correctness is setting precedent for the destruction of liberty on a whole.

Even if the Islamofascists aren't gonna log on to voidalliance.net, and see the picture, I say we put it on there, and show that we support Denmark and constitutional liberty worldwide.

- VA Estrill

This conflic is a conflict between opression and freedom, between tyrany and liberty, between good and evil. No resolution is possible. No reconciliation is possible. The only way to end the conflict is victory of one side: ours!

- VA Skaare

I believe I am quite ready to take on the muslim hoardes...

- VA Lawman

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
20/01/2006 clan news:

Congratulations to VA Apollo for being elected clan member of the year 2005 for his outstanding activities in GW, BF2, JKA and others!

27 Feb 2009, Skaare
29/12/2005 clan news:

The Void Alliance wishes you merry christmas and a prosperous new year! :D

27 Feb 2009, Skaare

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