DinoRPG 5th ClanWar

5th Clan War- Complete Results

We have attacked the following Clans:

Romanian Army
whiskeybunny, Anskar, Chris22582, Fredr1x, Skaare, TheFitz, Thamnophis, Tyrinus, Relentless

Aurelia Michelle
Fredr1x, chris22582, Skaare, Tyrinus, Thamnophis, whiskeybunny, Relentless, TheFitz, Shianky

Universe Crab
whiskeybunny, TheFitz, Skaare, chris22582, Thamnophis, Anskar, Fredr1x, Shianky, Thamnophis, Relentless, Tyrinus

The Rangers
Anskar, Skaare, Thamnophis, chris22582, Fredr1x, Shianky, TheFitz, Skaare, Relentless

whiskeybunny, Fredr1x, Skaare, Thamnophis, chris22582, Relentless, Anskar, TheFitz, Bialy, Shianky

Diamentowy Club
Thamnophis, Anskar, TheFitz, Bialy

Mystics Warriors
Fredr1x, whiskeybunny, TheFitz, Teozone, LeadingEdge, Erezoz1

Jedi Order
Teozone, Fredr1x, Thamnophis, Reib, whiskeybunny ,Skaare

Umpa Lumpa
Skaare, Fredr1x, Thamnophis, Teozone, whiskeybunny

Czech Claws
Skaare, Thamnophis, Fredr1x, TheFitz

German Dino Jungle
Skaare, TheFitz, Thamnophis, Fredr1x, Teozone ,whiskeybunny, Fronti

Deaths Enclave
Thamnophis, TheFitz, Skaare, Anskar

The Cookies
Anskar, TheFitz

We abandoned

Anskar, TheFitz

Lost Memory
Anskar, TheFitz, Thamnophis, Wopkatan

Dutch Brotherhood
TheFitz, Thamnophis, Fredr1x chris22582, Relentless, Tyrinus

Organization XIII
TheFitz, Thamnophis, Fredr1x

Les fees en Anglais
TheFitz, Bumpergalva, Thamnophis

Axie Force
Thamnophis, Bumpergalva, TheFitz, chris22582

German Connection
Skaare, TheFitz, Anskar, chris22582, Fredr1x, Thamnophis, Bumpergalva

Furious Eiffel Team Evolution
chris22582, TheFitz, Skaare, Anskar, Thamnophis, Fredr1x, Bumpergalva, Drunk

Polish Legacy
Anskar, chris22582, Thamnophis, TheFitz, Bialy

Russia Dark Star
Bumpergalva, TheFitz, Anskar, Bialy, Thamnophis, chris22582


Luso-Brasilian Team
Thamnophis, TheFitz, Caretaker007

-=Danish Dino Riders=-
chris22582, Thamnophis, Bumpergalva

Knights of Dinoz
Bumpergalva, Fredr1x, Teozone, Thamnophis, Wopkatan, chris22582, TheFitz

League of Dinoz:
Anskar, Skaare, Thamnophis, Fredr1x, Caretaker007, LeadingEdge

Russian Alliance
Anskar, Thamnophis, Teozone, TheFitz, Wopkatan, Erezoz1, Bumpergalva,

The Dutch Brotherhood
Anskar, TheFitz, Wopkatan, chris22582, Teozone, Thamnophis, Erezoz1, Caretaker007

Magyar Kiralysag
Bumpergalva, TheFitz, cris22582, Thamnophis

The Ducks
Anskar, TheFitz, Wopkatan, Thamnophis, Teozone, Erezoz1, chris22582, Bumpergalva

TheFitz, Anskar, chris22582

The d´Irma Initiative

Furious Eiffel Team Evolution
TheFitz, chris22582, Bumpergalva, Teozone, Caretaker007, Wopkatan, Skaare, Thamnophis, Bialy, Anskar, kmeir100 ,Erezoz1

The League
Thamnophis, Anskar, Teozone

Deaths Children
Skaare, TheFitz, Fredr1x, Anskar, Teozone, Whiskeybunny, Thamnophis

Deaths Enclave
TheFitz, Skaare, Bumpergalva, Wopkatan, Thamnophis, whiskeybunny, Caretaker007, Bialy

Skaare, TheFitz

Anskar, Thamnophis, Bumpergalva, TheFitz, LeadingEdge, Neng000

Better New
Thamnophis, TheFitz, Anskar, Neng000

Fredr1x, Skaare, Thamnophis

Thamnophis, TheFitz

The Ducks

Deaths Children
Thamnophis, Hidez0r, TheFitz, LeadingEdge


Indonesian new Army
Skaare, Neng000

Thamnophis, Chris22582, whiskeybunny

Dragon Brothers
Fredr1x, Thamnophis, TheFitz, Bialy, Wopkatan, Skaare

TheFitz, Thamnophis, Bumpergalva

The Last Order of Transsylvania
TheFitz, Anskar, Chris22582, Tyrinus
We abandoned

Cloak & Dagger
TheFitz, Anskar
We abandoned

RUS Espada


Caballeros de Argon
Anskar, Dickies, LeadingEdge, Chris22582, TheFitz, Skaare

The Cookies

TheFitz, Skaare, Anskar, Chris22582
We abandoned

Big Boys Club
TheFitz, Anskar, Skaare
We abandoned

Magyar Királyság
TheFitz, Anskar, Shianky, Hidez0r
We abandoned

Death´s Enclave
TheFitz, Anskar, Chris22582, Tyrinus

We have defended against the following Clans

Deaths Enclave
(28 Attacks)

The Last Order of Transsylvania
(won the war after 46 attacks)

Last Order of Transsylvania
(won after 12 Attacks)

Big Boys Club
(won after 3 Attacks)

Big Boys Club
(won after 7 Attacks)

Deaths Children
(11 Attacks)

(won after 10 Attacks)

(won after 6 Attacks)
Magyar Királyság
(won after 6 Attacks)

Magyar Királyság
(won the war after 13 attacks)
Dutch Brotherhood
(4 Attacks)

Statistics - Top Void Alliance Dinomasters of 5th clan war

Performed attacks during 5th clan war

1: TheFitz, 148 Attacks
2: Thamnophis, 136 Attacks
3: Anskar, 64 Attacks
4: Chris22582, 45 Attacks
5: Skaare, 38 Attacks
6: Fredr1x, 27 Attacks
7: Bumpergalva, 19 Attacks
8: Teozone, 18 Attacks
9: whiskeybunny, 15 Attacks
10: Wopkatan, 10 Attacks

Enemy castle Damages during 5th clan war

1: TheFitz, 3512 Damage
2: Thamnophis, 2010 Damage
3: Anskar, 1390 Damage
4: Chris22582, 890 Damage
5: Skaare, 807 Damage
6: Fredr1x, 758 Damage
7: Bumpergalva, 425 Damage
8: Teozone, 333 Damage
9: whiskeybunny, 324 Damage
10: Wopkatan, 134 Damage

Defending dinoz of our Castle at the Marketplace during 5th Clan War

1: TheFitz, 102 Dinoz
2: Chris22582, 41 Dinoz
3: Erezoz1, 19 Dinoz
4: Anskar, 17 Dinoz
5: Thamnophis & Fredr1x, 10 Dinoz
6: Skaare & Fronti, 6 Dinoz
7: Teozone, 5 Dinoz
8: Bialy, 4 Dinoz
9: Wopkatan, 3 Dinoz
10: Bumpergalva, 2 Dinoz

HP lost on Defending our castle during 5th Clan War

1: TheFitz, 5347 HP
2: Chris22582, 2464 HP
3: Anskar, 1453 HP
4: Erezoz1, 819 HP
5: Fronti, 775 HP
6: Bumpergalva, 480 HP
7: Fredr1x, 433 HP
8: Thamnophis, 370 HP
9: Teozone, 266 HP
10: Intro, 215 HP

Ingredients donated inbetween End of 4th and 5th Clan War

1: TheFitz, 232.905
2: Lendamos, 134.590
3: whiskeybunny, 108.225
4: Anskar, 105.625
5: Relentless, 80.095
6: chris22582, 69.650
7: Skaare, 65.650
8: reib, 64.850
9: Fredr1x, 60.930
10: Caretaker007, 52.330

04 Mar 2011, Skaare
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