Full member enlistment information
Welcome to the Void Alliance recruitment center. We appreciate your interest in the Void Alliance. This is a short information about our recruitment process by the Void Alliance Clan Administration Bureau.

Joining VA as full member won't be as simple as joining as contractor in one of our divisions where tell them you want to join and you get to wear their tags. The VA recruitment process takes about 10 days before you clear probation. We accept recruits from all the world, of any nationality or religion. We will accept recruits from any online game even if we aren't active in them yet. Experience is good but your attitude is the most important thing, followed by talent. We welcome "Elite" top-guns as well as accepting promising newbies although we often recommend newbies get familiar with the environment, the community, and the squads in a game before taking an important step such as joining one. To be a recruit of the Void Alliance requires having INTEGRITY and HONOR, accepting the Void Alliance TRADITION, sharing the LOYALITY to our organization and bringing it GLORY by your own deeds.

If you are interested in joining the VA, please fill out the registration form for recruits which is published here post it in this forum. We will immediately discuss your application to find out if any members have an objection to your application. This usualy takes 10-14 days. The Void Alliance (like all respectable clans) does not tolerate hacking, scaming, posing as another player or any other behavior considered improper, in any VA supported game. Vulgar language, and flaming of opponents, either on in-game chat or on the public forums, is not condoned by VA. Any and all of these things are reason for immediate denial of entrance into VA.

=VA= Clan Administration Bureau

18 Nov 2010, Skaare
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