Contractors and full Members of Void Alliance
Contractors and full Members of Void Alliance

Contractors of the Void Alliance form the bulk of our clan personnel. Commander of any VA division can recruit a contractor into his/her division, this process usualy pases quickly and with relatively low requirements. Contractors should just be friendly, willing to participate on clan activities in given division. Any contractor can decide to move an and go to other clan without any questions asked and also his Commander can remove him from the division in case of misconduct without need for approval from the Void Command Council. Contractor status is good for people new in our clan, who do not wish to commit themselves too much to the clan or to the game they play. Also, Contractors are allowed to join other clans, guilds and alliances in other games, or on other servers. All Contractors can be given acess to the single private forum dealing with business of the game they play.

In short, Contractors can join and go quick, they enjoy few priviledges but also have few duties under VA law.

Full members, are higher rank of Void Alliance personnel. Members gain acess to all private forums, become eligible in VA governmnet and can participate on clan activities in many other games. Full membership in our clan however requires that you will not be member of any other clan in games we play, because our laws do not allow doubleclanning. To kick a member out of VA for misconduct, an official expulsion hearing at the Council must be called where said member can defend him/herself. To be accepted as full member, it is required to have reference from existing full member of VA, or have past record of service in one of our division as contractor, and fill in the recruitment application.

18 Nov 2010, Skaare
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