Member Profiles

Callsign: Skaare
Rank: Void keeper
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Single
Birthday: 17th November 1977
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Profession: Accounting
Games: Guild Wars, Starcraft, Ogame, CC Generals
Sports: Freerunning, Bodybuilding, Running, Snowboarding, Swimming
Other interests: Sports/Fitness, Cats, Weapons, Politics, History, Economics
Favourite quote: Give me strength to fly and speed to strike, and in turn, all the glory I earn shall be yours.
Favourite movies: Star Wars I-VI, Terminator II, Conan the Barbarian, Black Hawk Down
Favourite music: Rammstein, Sonata Arctica, Offsprings, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Blink 182, Richard Wagner, John Williams
27 Feb 2009, baazik
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