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Griffin Moone
Callsign: Griffin Moone
Rank: Full Member
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Dead
Birthday: 21st July 1978
Location: A couch somewhere
Profession: Bartender, writer
Games: Jedi Knight, Tachyon, Mechwarrior, playing with girls
Sports: Basketball, fishing, mountain/rock climbing, hunting for girls
Other interests: Writing, dancing (yep, dancing!), clubs and bars, and did I mention girls?
Favourite quote: "Give me chasity and give me consistency; but not yet." -Saint Augustine
Favourite movies: Casablanca (works on girls), Breakfast at Tiffany's (really works on girls), Amistad, Requim for a Dream, Matrix, Jackie Chan flicks (surprisingly, these work extrodinarily well on girls)
Favourite music: World pop, Indie pop, anything with guitars, dance-trance
27 Mar 2009, Skaare
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