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Wicked Ice
Callsign: Wicked Ice
Rank: Full Member
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Single
Birthday: noone will send me any gifts, so whats the matter ;)
Location: Bassersdorf, Switzerland
Profession: Standard weird Programmer
Games: All kinds of RPG's, BF1942 - Desert Combat, Counter Strike, Tachyon
Sports: Some soccer, some beachvolley, some brainsports, confusing people.
Other interests: RPG's, Fantasy'n'stuff.
Favourite quote: Because ice is harder and more resistible than water, ice will be the last hope, the last resort of life. Water is the most important thing for creating life. Without it, we all were just a handful of dust. Water is always moving, never being at the same place. but as all beautiful things, water has two sides. the one: the refreshing, the lifesaving, short: the good side. and the other side: the destructive, the cold, the violent one, well... that's me Wicked Ice 
Favourite movies: Star Wars, LotR, Payback
Favourite music: Nightwish, Hans Zimmer, Disturbed, Evanescense
27 Mar 2009, Skaare
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