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Callsign: Rage
Rank: Void Commander
Gender: Male
Martial Status: In a relationship
Birthday: 6th of May, 1992 
Location: Groningen, the Netherlands
Profession: student
Games: Ogame, Mount and Blade, Skyrim, Deus ex: human revolutions, some EVE online.. too much to tell, really. I switch between a lot
Sports: Running. Currently having a sports injury that will take +- 3 months to recover from
Other interests: Gadgets, tech, interfacing, stuff like that.
Favourite quote: "White, black, they're all shades of grey."
Favourite movies: Many
Favourite music: The harder side of the spectrum, but not too hard. Rock, metal, things like that, ranging from iron maiden to rammstein to ayreon, to whatever.
30 Apr 2012, drduerinck
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