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Callsign: HowlingMadMurdock
Rank: Void Commander
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Single :D
Birthday: 14/01/1992
Location: Tanzania
Profession: PADI OpenWater Scuba Instructor
Games: Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Saint Rows, Red Dead Redemption, and many more
Sports: swimming, rugby, hockey
Other interests: not that much :( oh drinking :P
Favourite quote: "For the loser now, Will be later to win, For the times they are a-changin"
Favourite movies: god to many to mention. but just a few, Shawshank Redemption, 8 Mile, Armageddon, Happy Gilmore, Trainspotting
Favourite music: anything i like i will listen to, if i dont then i dont listen to it, but no songs by 2 people in todays charts. 2 hints: both are young, and both are girls :P
06 May 2012, drduerinck
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